Coding Classrooms Reimagined

Transform how you teach coding: Interactive, insightful, and incredibly easy to use.
Who is it for?
Empowering Innovation Across the Coding Ecosystem
Unlock interactive coding exercises for your students. Create custom questions, track progress with detailed stats, and foster a competitive spirit with weekly coding leagues. Enhance learning with fun, hands-on challenges.
Coding Bootcamps and Online Education Platforms
Enrich your curriculum with our extensive exercise library. Track student progress, tailor challenges to course content, and engage students with competitive coding leagues. Perfect for remote and in-person learning environments.
Small to Midsize Companies
Streamline your technical interviews with a vast question library and custom challenges. Analyze candidate performance with in-depth stats and code playback. Make informed hiring decisions and find the perfect fit for your team.
Hiring Agencies
Offer clients top talent through advanced coding assessments. Create tailored interviews, assess candidates with precision using detailed analytics, and differentiate with unique gamification elements. Elevate your recruitment services.
Discover All Our Features
Craft the Challenge: Tailor Your Questions
Design custom coding challenges or pick from our rich library to target specific skills and roles
Access our Library
Dive into our extensive library of 200+ coding questions spanning 11 programming languages, tailored to challenge and enhance developer skills at any level.
Personalize your Questions
Tailor existing questions to fit your specific needs or to emphasize particular skills, making every coding challenge uniquely beneficial.
Generate Snippets
Effortlessly create code snippets to provide hints or demonstrate key concepts, making learning more interactive and accessible.
Create Testcases
Develop custom test cases to ensure that solutions not only work but are robust and optimized, enhancing the problem-solving experience.
Upload Validation Solutions
Securely upload your solutions to validate user submissions, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.
Assemble Your Coding Assessment
Combine coding tasks and MCQs for a comprehensive test that mirrors your class standards
Edit your Coding Test
Customize coding tests to align with your standards, ensuring students are evaluated on the skills that matter most to your class.
Add your Questions
Incorporate your own questions into coding tests to create a truly customized assessment experience for every student.
Multiple Choice Questions
Blend in multiple-choice questions to test students on theoretical knowledge in addition to practical coding skills.
Send it!
Effortlessly distribute your customized coding tests to students, streamlining the assessment process with just a few clicks.
Engage and Assess: The Candidate Experience
Candidates face your challenges, showcasing their skills in a dynamic and interactive environment
Start with Multiple Choice Questions
Students begin their interview journey with multiple-choice questions, setting the stage for assessing their theoretical knowledge.
Finish with Coding Exercises
Cap off the assessment with practical coding exercises, challenging students to demonstrate their coding prowess in real-world scenarios.
Insightful Review: Harness Powerful Analytics
Analyze performances with detailed analytics to make informed decisions and identify top talent
Student Statistics
Gain comprehensive insights into students' performance with detailed statistics on their coding efficiency, accuracy, and problem-solving strategies.
Key by Key Playback
Review students' coding process with key-by-key playback, offering a unique perspective into their thought process and approach to problem-solving.
Review MCQs
Evaluate students' understanding of core concepts through their responses to multiple-choice questions, ensuring a well-rounded assessment.
Grade Students
Efficiently grade students based on their performance, utilizing a comprehensive scoring system that reflects their coding proficiency and knowledge.
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Create & Explore Challenges
Craft custom coding challenges for your students or employees and access the entire CodenQuest library. Tailor your learning environment with questions exclusive to your team.
Assemble your Coding Assessment
Design coding assessments and analyze students' responses through key-by-key playback and in-depth statistics. Identify top talents or evaluate your students' progress with ease.
Build & Compete in Private Leagues
Invite your classroom or team and compete in private leagues. Monitor progress, watch the latest coding activities, and foster a competitive yet collaborative learning environment.
Manage Your Billing
Customize your billing structure to suit your needs. Choose how much you want to pay for each user and enjoy pay-as-you-go flexibility for each testing case.